Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting requires a very precise balance between adding meaning important to search engines, and creating an article that is relevant and informative for a potential customer. Attracting the right customer is important. Holding and converting that potential customer into a buyer is critical in helping your business to thrive.

Professional copywriters work to maintain the balance between copy that generates the highest page ranking on a search engine with relevant content that attracts and retains readers. The best content should be able to achieve high search engine rankings and generate a high conversion of visitors to paying customers.

Copywriters and copywriting services, including Amazon SEO services, work diligently to gain expertise in maintaining this balance. Combining persuasive prose with search engine optimization in each article is critical to the success of an SEO campaign.

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Many authors may treat this type of writing in the same manner as blogging. There are subtle differences between professional copywriting and content writing. An understanding of how search engines work and how search engines rank pages for listing in their directories is required. Superior copywriting includes:

Content Relevant to the Reader

An article balanced for both search engines and visitors should combine SEO and relevance. The logic and the flow of the article cannot be compromised with inappropriate placement of keywords or phrases. Good copy will help improve the image of your company and provide higher page rankings from search engines.


Selecting the right keyword density in an article is critical. Too many keywords will make the article hard to read. A term has been coined for the overuse of keywords – black hat. This refers to the inappropriate use of keywords to trick a search engine into ranking a page highly when a specific search term is entered. Too few keywords will make articles hard to find by both search engines and potential customers and will usually keep rankings down.

Copywriting for Sales

The main reason for copywriting is describe the features and benefits of products and services. One form of copywriting for sales promotion is press release writing. Press release writing is designed to attract potential customers to a website and hopefully also increase sales. Utilizing a professional copywriter to draft and publish a press release may have a very high return on investment, especially if you select a copywriter with SEO experience.


Maintaining your integrity by avoiding plagiarism is critical to the success of your web presence. A plagiarized article will show up immediately in a search engine, undermining the credibility of the rest of your message. Professional copywriters are fully versed in creating original content, even on the most common topics.

Readability and SEO

There are two reasons for web copy – to improve the odds that a search engine will properly select the website when a term is searched, and to provide informative, eye-catching content for visitors to the website. While it is easy to write an article attractive to search engines, if a person tried to read the article, it would make almost no sense. Relevant copy is VERY important in addition to seo-related keywords.

If an article does not have relevant search engine keywords, users of search engines will be less likely to find it in the first place.