corona virus

The current time is extremely special and we’re in an extremely crucial phase of the history of ours. It’s like as in case we’re fighting World War three now. It’s already taken more than one hundred thousand lives. But this time, it’s distinct from previous world wars on numerous accounts.

For starters, the whole globe is involved. There’s no option left to any nation which it is able to work out about going to battle or not. You’ve to battle for the survival of the employees of yours.

Second, we’re fighting an invisible enemy

The enemy, a small virus, not apparent by, eye is usually anyplace, deceiving us, hiding within the sinus cavity of several typical individual interested in his/her regimen tasks such as travelling towards the office/place of degree or company, buying grocery store, gadgets or clothing, travelling etc.

Thirdly, though the enemy isn’t really lethal, it’s brand new and no vaccine can be obtained for it as of today. Thus, even in case it’s detected, the therapy is doubtful.

Fourthly, it’s contagious and spreads really fast

The pace of the spread of its is actually very rapidly, perhaps beyond the imagination of ours. To touch a door knob of a lift or maybe cab or maybe train or bus, the display of your mobile, the fruit/vegetable or maybe food you bought from the departmental shop or even opening a program obtained by way of a courier are plenty for the disease going within the sinus cavity of yours and after that which makes you a virus factory spreading and creating the disease all over.

Fifthly, this special war has been fought by all of the nations of the world at one side as well as virus on the opposite side. The whole human race is at risk. We’ve temporarily forgotten the differences of ours and be a group. This particular team has got China/ Russian federation & America, Pakistan and India, Iraq and Iran, Palestine and Israel at equal ground not opposing one another.

East & west, left and right, wife and husband, subordinate and supervisor, client and entrepreneur aren’t company rival now, they’re one staff. This’s the state of yog(a) the very best status possible the place that the flow is through basic sushumna nadi rather than pingala and ida (negative and positive).

But this’s the state of death also

The enemy is wise and killed a lot of our most susceptible assets-‘ the older individuals with medical conditions’.

Will be the sacrifice made by older generation is enough or maybe enemy will have the ability to claim substantial younger & healthy lives also? Just how long will this war previous?

Whosoever is going to survive the war, is a component of brand new model with better body’s immune system as well as smarter ways of living life and conducting business. When all we learn from the mistakes of ours.