There is a steady fight on the idea of utilizing a free WordPress subject over a top notch topic or the other way around. WordPress subjects are generally utilized these days particularly by the majority of the business visionaries who like to utilize a topic to have an all the more welcoming and snappy site.


Let me ask you an inquiry. OK put away your cash on a top notch topic or would you simply agree to a free topic?

We should talk about and think about the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides.

Free WordPress Theme

The favorable circumstances: The best thing about this is it is without altogether, no shrouded charges, expenses or expenses at all. Accessibility isn’t an issue since free WordPress subjects are everywhere throughout the web so there are numerous to look over. Since they are open source, it has less highlights so it’s simpler to introduce and utilize and the beneficial thing is it doesn’t require any programming abilities.

Arranging the subject then again may expect you to have in any event a smidgen of information on the essential things of web programming, no stresses however, it’s quite simple since the multifaceted nature of increasingly powerful and confused highlights are absent. You can likewise attempt the same number of plans as you need since you don’t need to fret about the cost.

The disservices:

As what was expressed before, free topics are everywhere throughout the web along these lines making it regular to many. You may have a similar topic with a few locales. Something else is, the engineer doesn’t have the obligation to give you an update or redesign in your picked subject so there is an absence of help from them except if they have some an opportunity to save for you.

There are additionally a few examples where free subjects contain infections or bugs that may make a great deal of harm your site so you should be additional careful of your decisions. Some of them likewise have poor code rehearses. It is made by designers who needed to rehearse their aptitudes or on the grounds that they needed to develop their portfolios and additionally connects.

Premium WordPress Theme

The preferences:

A Premium subject offers a ton of highlights to its clients and has an extraordinary plan as such. Since the client put away cash for the topic it is perfect that the engineers give its full duty to help them at whatever point there are issues or bugs that they may experience en route.

Questions and explanations from the customer are upheld too henceforth having a practical and a decent looking site. It is sheltered to state that you are increasingly secure in the excellent situation. Updates are additionally given frequently so the subject won’t be left in the Stone Age.

The weaknesses:

You have to put away cash for the topic and it isn’t 100% certain that it will bolster you forever. We can’t be sure whether the engineer or its organization will be around for updates and backing. You have to consider picking a top notch topic since some of it might be a long way from your desire. Recall you can’t change your topic effectively in light of the fact that it will cost you more.

On the off chance that you need to design it, you might need to reevaluate. In this way it offers more highlights in this manner making it progressively entangled to change particularly the structure of the topic.

Each remarkable subject accompanies a cost. Better check your spending limit before buying.


Utilizing a free topic is prudent on the off chance that you are simply beginning with your online business however it is smarter to transform it to premium once you have developed a decent business. Be that as it may, at last, the decision is simply up to you.