Hello pashmina wrap addicts, here’s an exciting thought – What if you knew you could express your zodiac with any brown pashmina wrap?

Each Zodiac sign portrays a few important traits & elements which work well with specific zodiac colour codes. So, going by the codes, it can be challenging to pair regular shades on a pashmina wrap.


However, brown being a warm neutral colour is ideal for expressing your zodiac personalities. The reason being the shade doesn’t go over or under shadows any colour tune. In fact, without wasting any time, check below to reveal the different colours to pair with any brown pashmina for expressing you zodiac personality –

Aries, Leo & Sagittarius (Red & yellow)

Being commanding in nature an Aries woman compels all eyes to turn on her, the moment she enters a room. Similarly, Leo women are controlled, possessing leadership skills and radiate a sensual appeal.

For these, bold little ladies, any brown pashmina wrap mixed with a red M&S Collection Pure Cotton Beach Dress is an ideal choice.

Women born under the Sagittarius sign do not shy away from speaking her mind. Hence, for this freedom loving lady, the ideal shade to mix with her brown pashmina wrap is canary yellow. For the perfect outfit a charcoal M&S Collection Sculpt & Lift leggings paired with any yellow Classic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shell Top is a good option.

Virgo, Cancer & Gemini  (Pink)

Pink is a flirtatious & feminine shade, ideal for those signs which are emotional, fun-loving, smart & modest. In other words, Cancer, Virgo & Gemini are the best signs to pair up with pink.

Here’s how –

  • For the caring Cancerian women who elude empathy and femininity, pink and brown depicts can depict softness. A good option is to go for any pink or peach shaded M&S Collection Linen Blend Sleeveless Tunic Dress with any brown scarf tied like a French knot.
  • For the flirtatious Gemini, a magenta or fuchsia shaded LBD or shift dress can work best. In fact, a fuchsia M&S Collection Front Split Slip Midi Dress with any pashmina wrap can express her flamboyant attitude best.
  • The perfectionist Virgo would look ideal with a crisp pink satin top paired with regular black bottoms & a brown pashmina wrap styled in a classic knot. A good option to pick is the M&S Collection CURVE Satin Notch Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse.

Pieces, Capricorn & Libra (blue)

The trio of Pieces, Capricorn & Libra, look best garbed in shades of blue; these water and air signs can opt for casual blue jeans, hemline dresses or riveting maxi gowns.

For example, a navy M&S Collection Peplum Hem Midi Dress on Libra women will look authentic when combined with a pashmina wrap. Capricorns are creative and can try a bohemian shift outfit with a shawl head bun. Pieces are feminine and grounded so blue denim with a white shirt & brown scarf can pull off their ‘girl next door’ vibe.

Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius! (Black)

For the temperamental Taurus women, the intense Scorpio & intuitive Aquarius, the best shade is black.

Portraying a multitude of emotions black can correctly depict the intensity of these signs. For the scorpion lady, bright black make-up, along with M&S Collection Halter Neck Swing Mini Dress & pashmina wrap can magnify her persona best. The intuitive Aquarius girl can again try floral printed bohemian attires & drape her scarf like an infinity loop to radiate a hippie aura.

Lastly, the enigmatic Taurean women can garb up with a sundress or mini denim to pull off the grounded look.

Now, try out these above styles with your favourite pashmina wrap, the next time you wish to express your zodiac personalities best!