Blood Donor Clinics

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When you give blood, you give...

  • Another Birthday

  • Another Day At The Beach

  • Another Night Under The Stars

  • Another Talk With A Friend

  • Another Laugh

  • Another Hug

  • Another Chance

Who can give blood?

Healthy people between the ages of 17 and 60 (up to 71 if a person is a regular donor)

can donate blood every 56 days. It usually takes about one hour to be registered at the clinic,

donate blood, rest, take refreshments and be on your way. Giving blood affects one very little,

beyond a well earned feeling of personal satisfaction.


Who can be counted as a Masonic Donor?

  • Any member of a Mason's family, relations and friends in good health, between the ages   of 17 and 60. (up to 71 if a person is a regular donor.)

  • Who donate on behalf of a Mason.

  • Who gives blood, plasma and platelets at a clinic supported or sponsored by Masons.

  • Who has been contacted by a Mason.

Be a Blood Donor Today!!!



Outstanding Achievement


We would like to recognize


Bro. Les Howard of Plantagenet Lodge 186 for his 75th Donation


W.Bro Jim McKay who in March 2011 made his 75th donation


V. Bro. Don Salt who on March 6th  2008 made his 150th donation.




Be sure to sign up with partners for life with Canadian Blood services to support

Eastern District Masons.

 The Partnership number is : MASO005826. This can be done at the clinic and is open to anyone.


If you give blood or your lodge hosts a Blood Donor Clinic please advise the blood donor chairman at





Donations from Eastern District

between April 2015 and March 2016

were 147 pints






1st Tuesday of each month  Cornwall Civic Complex, noon - 3:30 PM and 5 -7:30 PM  
1st Tuesday in March MAED Blood Donor Clinic 
Cornwall Civic Complex, noon - 3:30 PM and 5 -7:30 PM


May 12, 2016

Hawkesbury Sports Center  3:00- 7:30